Cat’s Eye

This started as another jam on the Rhodes. The synths I used were Monarch and Prophet V. The pads are made up of my Jazzmaster through a Space Echo and Vibrolux Reverb accompanied with Logic’s new Alchemy synth. The guitar line I originally tried wasn’t quite working, so I reversed it and it fit perfectly. Enjoy!

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A dark experimental piece. This one was a lot of fun! The percussion comes from a mid 1940’s marching drum paired with an old chain and a Mini Moog plug. All the other effects are my Jazzmaster though a Super Fuzz and Space Echo. I also reversed some of the audio to make it interesting. Enjoy!

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Ultimul Dans

The original piece began as an endeavor to emulate Romanian/Hungarian folk style but eventually became its unique entity. In respect to the initial concept, it was aptly named in Romanian, “Ultimul Dans” which translates to “The Last Dance”.

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